Caraway – Quality Cookware, Without Chemicals.

I’m a Caraway Ambassador!

Big news peeps!  I’m a Caraway ambassador!  If you don’t already know, Caraway is a dope line of ceramic cookware that is healthy for you and looks so pretty in your kitchen.  

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am always having to replace my cookware, even the more expensive stuff.  Skillets get scratched up, they start to stick, and then all those unhealthy chemicals are leaching into your food.  Not the look. 

The set comes with magnetic stands for everything! Keeping things tidy.

I have been searching for the right cookware for my family and here are my requirements:

  • non-stick
  • no teflon
  • healthy
  • looks nice
  • long-lasting
  • easy to clean

I have finally found all those things in Caraway!  I am so into it that I did a giveaway with one of the pots (HINT: another giveaway is coming!!).  I just want everyone on this Caraway train.  It is such a great way to elevate your cooking and honestly, I feel like I have gotten time back in my evenings since I never have to scrub!  The Caraway cookware cleans up so easily that I am actually excited to do dishes (and my husband is too which is HUGE).

Their cookware comes in a variety of pretty colorways! I went with cream.

Since I have teamed up with them, of course, ya gerl worked out a deal for you… use my link:

And get $25 OFF of your own cookware set.  So the only question is, what color are you going to pick??

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