Exercise with Kids

So yo, city living has forced me to find ways for the kids to get that much needed exercise inside the house.  Here are some things that have really worked well for us:

  1. Barre3 10 min videos:  My older daughter loves to do anything one-on-one with me, so I make her get a little sweat on and then we both benefit!
  2. Go Noodle (YouTube) All three of the kids are obsessed with this really fun and interactive movement channel on you tube.  It is so creative and fun!  (My absolute favorite is Blazer Fresh ‘cuz ya gerl needs that hip-hop).
  3. Disney Dance Party: Ask Alexa to play Disney music and she comes up with all the best songs.  We usually end up dancing so much that we are sweating after a few songs!
  4. Obstacle Courses: Foldable tunnels like these: are so helpful and really fun for the kids.  I drop this and then add a few things at the end like pillows to crawl over and chairs to go under.  Done and done!
  5. Charades:  I don’t know about you guys, but our family’s charades are so out of control that we are exhausted after 20 mins!  Pick a theme- like jungle animals and watch them leap and run like crazy!

Now get moving!!

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