Family Ski Trip to Keystone!

Let me tell you, it is so awesome to have this access to skiing and mountains all year ‘round!  The crew and I just got back from a long ski weekend in Keystone, CO and it was awesome.  Keystone resort is about an hour and 45 mins from Boulder which we could have done in a day trip, but decided to stay over since it is always nice to get away and the lodging option we found through vrbo was very reasonably priced and close to the slopes.

We stayed at Dakota Lodge in a 2BD/2BATH corner unit and it was absolutely perfect for our needs (especially since one or more kids ends up in our bed every night!).  It was about a 8 min walk through town to the gondola which is kind of the closest you could get!  It also had a small skating rink in front and a little playground which would be awesome in the summer.  It was our first time traveling with Zozo in a bed, so I bought this cot to keep in our room.  I was not convinced that she would sleep in it, but she loved it and surprisingly, she lasted in this little thing all night!  Our unit was extremely clean and very clearly disinfected before our arrival which gave us comfort.  I loved that our unit also came with a ski locker in the lobby so we didn’t have to bring our skis up and down every day.   Very convenient!  

Our general plan was to have the older kids in full day ski school, Zozo ski with us in the mornings, and have a babysitter come in the afternoons so SGB and I could get our own runs in and enjoy some alone time.  This worked really well for us… except for the fact that Zozo wasn’t having the whole “ski in the morning with us” situation.  She would get out there and then not want to put her skis on.  We even had a harness for her to make her more comfortable, but she just screamed :(… So, the first day we just rode the gondola up with her and the second day she did a few runs on a small hill that wasn’t even a ski hill.  She mostly just ate snow, which is her favorite winter pastime.  

Though Keystone in general is a really nice resort, the conditions were a bit iffy for our crew.  There wasn’t much sun and the top of the mountain (where everyone needs to go since the learning area was up top at the “River Run” section of the resort) was very windy and blustery.  Not great for people that are learning.  There is another section of the resort called Mountain House which does have a learning area at the base, but we didn’t go over there since it required a shuttle or driving.   Compared to some other ski resorts that I have been to in the area, I would say that Keystone is a bit more challenging for beginners.  Even the easiest run (Schoolmarm) was not a typical “bunny” hill.  I found it to be closer to a blue than a green.  Not to mention that it is 3.5 miles long, so you better be ready to be out there for a while!!

All in all, we had a great time and we are so glad that we checked it out.  My favorite day was the second day where SGB and I did “Mozart”, a really fun blue run, over and over again.  We also had the babysitter stay so we could do some apreś ski (drinks!) and have a casual dinner at Zuma’s Roadhouse, which was so delicious! Can’t wait to get back on the slopes…

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