Global Go-To Girl 2020

Anyone else start 2020 feelin’ like a million bucks?  Actually, that is a lie… I started feeling really good around my 40th birthday, in September of 2019.  I was so nervous about turning 40… like midlife crisis style. I felt like I officially was going to be old.  I had no idea that I would feel reborn and that turning 40 would ignite my fire to go out and crush everything life had to offer.  Turning 40 = Zero Fucks.

Zero fucks means pushing aside all my fear of failure, all the naysaying in my head, all the things that do not serve me and all the people that do not fill me up.  Zero fucks means trusting my instincts, intuition, and gut at all times (even if it isn’t what other people want). Zero fucks means living a life of freedom from negativity, trying anything and everything and just being me.

For Global Go-To Girl 2020, Zero fucks means that I plan to take risks and chances and connect with people in a way that I have been dying to do but was too afraid to do.  I love connecting people to things that could help them in anyway. I am truly passionate about people being empowered by information, not overloaded. I love trying new things and giving you the scoop on what works and what doesn’t for me and my family. 

So this year, you can expect the following from Global Go-To Girl:

  1. Authenticity (I tell the truth all the time…like almost to a fault)
  2. More of me being me in my everyday life (pics, video, blog posts)
  3. More connection with my followers (I see those comments yo!)
  4. Answering more burning questions that you have about nutrition, travel, and momming (you’d better start sending those in)
  5. And above all… something that hopefully just makes you laugh (a lot of people find me highly entertaining… I hope you do too)

Peace peeps.

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