I Love Skiing

Ya gerl has decided that she loves skiing.  It’s only taken me about 30 years to get to that point, but I am fully in now. I will say that taking the kids was slightly painful only because of all of the “stuff” you need that basically becomes the parents job to carry around.  That part was annoying. But all in all, it seems like our ski trip was pretty successful because all three kids loved it and have now embarked on the path of learning. Here are a few tips that I have for ski trips with kids:

  1. Set up your rentals ahead of time and pickup everything the day before you actually plan to ski.  We did not do this and since it literally took us 3 hours to get on the slopes every morning (since kids are frickin’ slow and bundling them/fitting them with skis and ski boots is not the look).  We missed a lot of our private family lessons that we booked on both days because of this. Full day skiing turning into about 2 hours including breaks for playing in the snow, hot chocolate, and complaints about being cold or something not fitting properly.  Count in the pee breaks too if you are so kind to let them pee. Kids have much tighter bladders than adults so my philosophy is that they can probably hold it until later. In relation to this…
  2. Book half day lessons if it is available.  It is more tiring than it looks and kids get cold and want to have some time to “apres-ski” kid-style. 
  3. Don’t overbook yourself.  I originally wanted to ski for two days, then have a day off, and then one more day of skiing. Hubby wanted to ski for three days in a row and then have the day before we traveled to chill.  We ended up having to switch things and do my plan because the kids wouldn’t move on that 3rd day. They were exhausted and wanted a day of warmth inside. And I also wanted a day off of corralling them to get to the slopes. 
  4. Get the hand and toe warmers.  I liked the idea and then forgot them and it made a real difference for everyone.
  5. Only wear one pair of wool socks!  We did two the first day since it was so cold and it was 10 times worse.   Apparently your feet need the space to retain the heat? Didn’t think about that!
  6. Book a sitter.  If you are in a situation like ours and one of your children is too young to do ski school, then that means you and your partner/hubby/significant other/ whoever you want to ski with for fun will not be able to have anytime to ski together.  You’ll be stuck either taking turns skiing alone or doing the bunny hill altogether. This is supposed to be fun for everyone, right?? For the price of skiing, it damned better be.

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