LP- Lichen Planus = Lotsa Problems

Since I was about 21 years old,  I have been struggling with an autoimmune disorder called Lichen Planus.  It has been so frustrating.  Luckily, it comes and goes, but when it comes (like now), it comes with a vengeance.  Similar to other autoimmune disorders, it was suppressed during the whole time I was pregnant/breastfeeding (which I was doing for 8 consecutive years!).  Lichen Planus is characterized as itchy, inflamed rashes that are typically at the extremities.  Unfortunately, mine is pretty systemic, and has appeared on my stomach, back, legs, and arms.  

I have tried everything in the last nine months:  topical steroids, oral steroids (twice- both attempts failed), autoimmune protocol diet, etc.  Nothing has knocked it out.  They say it is caused by stress, but my intuition tells me that it is something more, perhaps hormonal since I am older now and I am officially done with having children.  Either way, I want it gone!  

As I always try the more natural and healthy approach, I am now doing a few things that I am hoping will work:

  • I am working with a functional medicine doctor to take more of a holistic approach to healing.  What I like about functional medicine is that it aims to find the cause of the problem through truly getting to know the patient’s history (goes wayyy back), environment, mental health, etc.  I have been bullish about functional medicine for years and I am so happy to have found someone that can help me with this.  
  • I have started acupuncture again.  I have done acupuncture in the past for a variety of things like fertility, overall wellness, and even healing a bad elbow.  It has always worked well for me, and I have found a practitioner that also takes a holistic approach.  
  • Increasing anti-inflammatory supplements and foods like turmeric.  I love turmeric, but to get enough during the day, everyday isn’t so easy!  So I take these really tasty gummies from Mary Ruth’s Organics.  It’s a great treat that I take twice a day and it gives me tons of anti-inflammatory turmeric to help ease my symptoms.
  • Increasing my intake of mushrooms.  Did you know that mushrooms are the oldest living single celled organism?  That means that they have survived all of these billions of years and they are so resilient and great for you to consume.  There is a lot to this topic but know that increasing fungi in your diet can have tremendous benefits, not to mention that fungi have amazing adaptogenic properties (more on this in another blog post)! For me, since I actually don’t like mushrooms too much, I drink these amazing Earth and Star Mushroom Lattes.  They are vegan, gluten-free, and have amazing flavors like turmeric (double anti-inflammatory for me!!), matcha, and cacao (which is great for the kids!).  
Earth & Star Lattes

Follow my journey on the path of getting rid of my LP.  For anyone else out there that is suffering from LP or autoimmune disorders, please comment!  I would love to hear from you and find out what may have worked!!

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