Alright everyone, my gift guide is HERE! You’ll notice I reached out to a lot of these brands for discount codes to make things a little sweeter while you shop. Every cent counts, right? I hope you enjoy this gift guide and find it helpful because I loved making it for you! I have so many of these things in my own home, so I hope you enjoy gifting them. 

Full disclosure, I am a Caraway and Amazon affiliate. However, I only share products with y’all that I believe in! Many of these things are items I use and love everyday! 


Macrame Plant Hanger

I have gotten so many compliments on this.  Such a cute thing to style up any corner.  I put crystals and plants on it, but it could easily hold a small picture frame too

Stasher Set

Sustainability is so easy to do with these.  I was always into less plastic, but the fact that these can be for fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher sold me.  I have a bunch of these and they last forever, don’t hold smells and did I say you can put them in the dishwasher????


These candlesticks are so great because you can use them for actual candles, or also as just structural pieces (which is what I use them for to decorate my bookshelf).  Plus you can separate them, put them together… ya gerl loves flexibility!

Throw Pillow

I love this throw pillow because it is just easy and goes with everything.  Sometimes I have it on my couch, sometimes I move it to one of the beds… instant ways to change up your home decor!

Bloomscape Plants and Gift Cards

I love plants, but just started to have them all because of Bloomscape.  I love the fact that all the work is already done- no potting, no soil, no mess.  Just pop the plant directly into your life and you are done!!  I have also found that my Bloomscape plants last, come beautifully packaged, and the pots are high quality.

Instant Pot with Air Fryer Lid

Mama loves her instant pot… like so much.  I use my instant pot 2-3 times per week for speedy breakfasts, dinners, and anything in between.  Plus the real clincher… that air fryer lid has revolutionized my life!  Super crispy chicken, cauliflower wings… all really healthy and easy.  Plus for small kitchens, having just one appliance that does all that is key!

Matcha Tea Set

I have become a matcha snob in the past few months, and having a set like this has made it sooo easy.  The whisk is everything for that delicious matcha that you desire.  Such a great gift for someone who loves matcha or someone that should!


As you guys already know, I am obsessed with my Caraway set.  So easy to use, even for the culinarily challenged.  I love that they work so well on low heat and you need little to no oils.  Plus, they are non toxic on the serious tip which is so hard to find!  Definitely use my (affiliate) link to get some dolla dolla off! I asked them to make it even better for you, so the discount now applies to sets and singles!

Jenni Kayne Throw Blanket

I want this.  Nuf said.

Fitness Lover

Adurance Weighted Vest

This is the perfect vest for a beginner who wants to up their game with their normal workouts.  I literally just wear this while I am hiking, running, biking, boxing, lifting to up my calorie burn and strength.  A must have for fitness lovers.


I used to hate kettlebells until I realized how much they could do for me.  A simple set is perfect for anyone short on space.

ViPR Pro

I LOVE my Vipr.  I actually think it is my most used piece of equipment.  We have the 8kg, and both my husband and I can do so much with it.  Loaded movement training is the perfect thing for at home workouts.  I actually want more of these in different weights too.

Battle Rope

Mama loves a good battle rope.  If you have the space, this can make you super toned.  It doesn’t look like much, but it is a killer!!

Trigger Point Foam Roller

Recovery is key to fitness.  Basically everyone needs a good foam roller to roll every part of your body after a big workout.  This one is nice because it is light, small, and has the trigger points to get in deep.

Myzone heart rate monitor

This is my “never workout without it”.  Heart rate training is such a great way to measure output when exercising (if you are a little anal like me).  It quickly tells you your heart rate percentage, calorie burn, and how hard you worked over your workout.  You can compete against yourself or compete against others!  Highly recommend.

Century Freestanding Heavy Bag

I love boxing and I am very happy with this freestanding bag for my boxing needs.  I love that it is pretty easy to move around and doesn’t take up too much space.  It is also really easy to assemble- you can open the box and be working out in less than 30 mins!!

Foam Roller

An essential. Everyone needs one!


Komuso Design

Sometimes you just need to take a breath.  I love having this reminder around my neck and definitely find that when I breath using this gorgeous piece of jewelry, I get a restorative breath that sets me on the right path. This is not sponsored, but I got a discount code for you all – use Nicole20 for 20% off your purchase!

Akamai Core Essentials Kit

I really like this simple, clean body care brand.  They have excellent products that use clays and minerals.  I have completely switched over to their toothpowder- it takes a little bit to get used to but now it is the only one I use!

Meditation Pillow

It’s true that you can meditate anywhere, but having an actual pillow gets you into the right zone really fast.  


This is my gerl’s line and it is worth every penny.  She uses the highest quality ingredients and has products with and without CBD. Plus the smells… just gets you into that self care zone!!

Therapy Notebooks

I am not a journaler, but this notebook has really helped me deal with anxiety provoking situations.  Well made and really great questions inside. To get 10% off your order use code: HITHERENICOLE at checkout. 

Adaptogenic Lattes

Yummy yummy for the latte lover!  The perfect pick me up for everyday and anytime plus a heathy dose of adaptogens to help you deal with you daily stresses. Use IAMNIC for 10% off your first order.

Crystal Muse Book

I love this for the coffee table.  My kids look at it to see if they can search out the crystals in the house and any rocks that they find outside.  Plus there are some great rituals in there to get you totally zen on the regular.

Singing Bowl

I love a good singing bowl.  Once you get the hang of it, it is the perfect way to start a great meditation session.  My 6 year old son uses it on his own when he wants to calm down.  Plus, it looks pretty on the shelf!

Ached Away

Man oh man- a massage gun is a must for sore muscles, aches and pains, and general relaxation.  I use this daily.  It is quiet, has a bunch of attachments for different aches, and comes in the perfect compact little case.

Travel Yoga Mat

Though we are not traveling as much, I actually use this travel yoga mat everyday.  I keep a yoga mat on each floor of the house so it is easy to get in a quick stretch when I need it.  This one folds up pretty small so you can keep it anywhere!


Instax Camera

Kids love to take photos!  This is a fun, non-screen time way to do it!

Marbling Painting Kit

We all need more things for kids to do these days, why not painting on water?  I got this one for my daughter… can’t wait to get into it!

The Conscious Kids Book List 

Books are always an excellent choice for kiddos for the holidays.  I love the book suggestions from this website.  Sulwe is my youngest daughters favorite book.  It is beautiful, well written, and looks amazing on the shelf.


Cultivate the little musician in your house!  My son uses this daily to make up songs for the family.  It is the perfect size for a kid, takes up very little space, and is easy to play.

HappyMe Journal

Journaling made fun for the little ones.  We use this one before bedtime.

Laser Tag for 4

I love active games for kids that could be indoors and outdoors.  This is fun for the whole family and this particular set makes adding one= my players really easy

Table Topics

This is the only way I can get all 3 of my kids to sit down at the dinner table.  The questions are so engaging and fun!

Hanna Andersson Pajamas

I mean, a household staple.  Cute, soft, and last forever.



This has helped me through so many situations where I need a good shot but don’t have the hands to do it. Easy to travel with too!

iPad Keyboard

This is the only way I use my iPad.  It makes responding to emails and creating documents so easy.

Desk Light

I love a good desk light that gives soft light and storage!

Journi Light

Anyone else get the winter blues?  This light is thin, portable, and has a ton of settings for different types of light.  My favorite one ever.


I LOVE my courant charging pad.  I use it all the time and it looks perfect on my nightstand.  I also love that it can hold all my little items so everything is in place.

Ring Light

I don’t have this yet, but it is on my list.  Perfect for anyone who needs to do any video taping on their own!

Phone Mount for Tripod

All those videos you see of me in my house?  Yep, used this on the tripod.

Gossip Girl Lover

Hill House Home Bow

Any GG fan knows you need a good oversized bow!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Blu-Ray

Classic movie and so Blair!!

Gossip Girl Board Game

Like Never Have I Ever, but elevated! Keep an eye out because I might be playing this game in January for a special interview! 

Faux Peonies

Treat yourself to a set favorite all year long!

Lele Sadoughi

Iconic headbands for an iconic show! Use my code Isabel20 for 20% off your purchase!

Headband Holder

I mean, where are you going to put all those headbands on display?

Prada Art

Channel your inner Serena with this art piece.

New York Candle

Candles are very GG and always in!

Waffle Maker

Why not get cozy and eat waffles like the Humphrey’s!

GG Art from Etsy

Top it all off with a GG poster for your teenaged (or older!) fan girl!

Dylan’s Candy Bar

I love Dylan’s Candy Bar- very NYC!


Greats Brand Sneakers 

My new favorite sneaks.  So comfortable and look very elevated!

Modern Citizen Sweater

I love all of there stuff and the price point is perfect.  Very high quality!

Vuori Jogger

Live in these joggers- actually need to get more colors!

Amazon Sunglasses

In our family, we are big fans of cheap sunglasses.  With kids, they always get broken, misplaced, sat on, and scratched, so these are perfect for everyday wear that you won’t worry about!

Outdoor Voices

 I am a huge fan of the OV cloud knit. I wear these pieces on the regular b/c they are so soft and can be styled so many different ways.  

American Giant Joggers

So comfy and really elevate your cozy chic looks.  These wash so well and never pill. Use NicoleF15 for 15% off

Jenni Kayne Pony Slides

I may have bought these for myself as my fall/winter splurge this summer and I love them!  They go with everything!

Lou Ribbed Sweater

Perfect to dress up for your Xmas virtual parties!

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