Overnight Oats

You know what ya gerl loves?  Easy mornings with breakfast already prepared.  And this recipe makes it sooo easy because it takes no time at all and you don’t even have to measure!  This one has become a family staple that my kids get so excited about, and you can customize it for your family’s preferences or diet.

Rolled Oats
Nut milk of choice
Plain yogurt
Maple Syrup
Berries or fruit of choice
Optional: Flax seeds, chia seeds, cacao powder…

Pour the oats into a large bowl (preferably one that you can seal tightly so you don’t have to transfer the finished product!).  Add in yogurt and milk and stir until you get the consistency you like.  The oats will get soft and absorb some of the liquid, so keep that in mind for thickness.  Once it is well mixed, mix in maple syrup to the sweetness that you like.  We typically use about 4 tablespoons.  You can always add more the next morning right before eating if it isn’t enough!  Then shake in some cinnamon (again to your taste) and add a pinch or two of salt (this helps bring out the sweetness).  At this point, you can add in flax or chia seeds also.  Make sure everything is well mixed, then cover and refrigerate overnight! 

The next morning, add your topping of choice like berries, nuts, etc.  Done and done!!!


Cinnamon (and all spices) are naturally very high in antioxidants, so whenever you can, add cinnamon and other spices into your food to fight free radicals!

Now go get an extra few minutes of morning sleep since you are a badass and you have breakfast covered! Peace out!

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