Packing Tips

It’s resort time!!!  I’m so excited to get some sun on my skin!  The only not so fun thing…. packing. And you need so much stuff for kids because they are constantly soiling their clothes.  Don’t get me wrong, I think kids should get dirty from having fun, but the food on clothes situation is not the look (JP!!). Since we travel a lot, I have semi-streamlined my process.  Check out my tips below:

  1. Start a week or two before.  Sounds like overkill, but you need to see if those shoes, shorts, and swimwear from the summer still fits them. I pull all that crap out and do a fashion show (they aren’t thrilled about that, but this is necessary!)
  2. Put all possibilities in a laundry basket or some place that the kids won’t touch it.  They get pumped to see their flip flops, googles, shorts, etc and sometimes try to unpack my packing.  So annoying!
  3. Start getting everything new that they need from stores, friends, family, however.
  4. Another fashion show with all acquired items.
  5. Get outfits together with a few extra pieces for variety and in case something cannot be re-worn.  Younger kids typically require more because they are messier. I can usually get away with packing 1 outfit per day for my oldest, but I definitely need two a day for my messy middle child.  The toddler is somewhere in between.
  6. A few days out, get packed into packing cubes.  Packing cubes have saved my life for trips. Everyone has a different color and it is so easy to see who’s things are where and you can just drop the packing cube into the dressers at the hotel and just live out of those.  The cubes are organizers and keep your clothes clean and folded! Done and done! 
  7. The day before:  pack into your favorite suitcase!  We are huge fan’s of the Tumi Tegra Lite Bags.

Here is the link to my favorite packing cubes:

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