Road Trip Tips with 3 Kids

So yo, does anyone understand the seriousness of a road trip with three kids under 7 years old?  This is what my hubby and I decided to do this year for the holidays. Let’s just say that it was a trip to remember.  Notice- this was a TRIP, not a vacation, because travel with young kids rarely falls under the vacation category. Too many things to accommodate for, remember, clean, and frankly, do.  Here are a few tips and tricks that may also help you on your next road trip with your kiddos.

1). Pack new snacks/foods that you want them to try (along with the favorites)

My kids love Babybel Cheese and Whole Foods 365 Dried Mango Packs

 It’s a great way to figure out if they are really hungry or just bored.  Hungry kids may try the new healthy snack that they refused in the past if there are no other options. 

2) Travel eight hours or less during the day. 

3) Bring some new toys/activities/games to keep them excited.  I usually do a few dollar section Target trips in the weeks leading up to the trip to see if there is anything small, inexpensive, and fun for them to do in the car.  As much as I would like the kids to just talk to each other and look out the window, it just doesn’t happen much at this age.

Cute bookstores work too for my youngest!

4) Bring a dustbuster/handvac/ whatever you have! You guys might think this is insane, but damn that car gets nasty with kids spilling food on the floor, dropping all kinds of whatever.  I can’t stand sitting in a car filled with crumbs, so I do a quick cleanup at stops if need be (which it need be!).

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