Spotlight On: Breckenridge, CO

We decided to go to Breck for the holidays during our two week road trip because my bestie from Singapore was going to be there with her family.  Ya gerl was not going to pass up an opportunity to spend time with them while they were stateside which may not happen again for years! Plus, we thought it was a good time to try skiing with the kids in the hopes of finding an outdoor sport which everyone likes…Success!

The good:  

  1. Relaxed luxury.  We loved the relaxed nature of Breck and it was truly a family friendly place.  It was extremely beautiful with a very cute Main Street with a lot of specialty shops and activities. Obviously the skiing was incredible, and the vistas were out of this world.  
  2. Lessons. The lessons were great- we had an awesome instructor for our family lessons and the kids liked their instructors for group lessons.  It was really easy to make changes to lesson days, times, and locations which we had to do.  
  3. Flexibility.  Everything seemed very flexible and the people running Breck were so friendly.  They always helped us get the kids boots on and mine (a true feat!) and were really focused on making us happy. There was a mix up with my husbands boots one day and then remedied it quickly, didn’t charge us for them, and were so apologetic.  Also, pay attention to how many days you actually ski on your lift ticket. They are happy to refund days that you don’t ski (which may happen with kids!).
  4. Easy to get around.  The shuttles are really simple and stop everywhere.  Also, pretty much everything is connected and easy to walk to.

The bad:

  1. The price.  I assume just like any other place around the holidays for skiing, it was packed and expensive.  Like really expensive. I don’t typically complain about the prices of things, but I am pretty sure that I will never go skiing around there at that time again (late December).
  2. The crowds.  Too many people.  The lift lines weren’t too bad up the mountain for the smaller lifts, but the main lift had fairly long lines.  When it is -5 windchill, that matters.  
  3. The restaurants.  Impossible to get in even when planning weeks in advance.  Things were just booked and there aren’t really any options for something else if you don’t have some sort of reservation.  If you don’t have a reservation somewhere, be prepared to cook. Which means you need groceries, which you should have picked up before you got to Breck.  Also, most of the food was just ok- except Aurum, which was outstanding!
  4. The service.  Not enough staff to have good service and quality control in the restaurants that we visited.  People were very friendly and everything was fine enough, but we were rushed in and out most of the time and it wasn’t super pleasant.  They need more staff for the restaurants to accommodate the huge influx of people.

The tips:

  1. Lodging.  My new play: check on AirBnb and Vrbo for owner residences inside a hotel or lodge.  We did this and were able to get a decent place for about 60% of the cost if we booked directly through the hotel.  Plus you get all the amenities as the hotel. Total win.
  2. Dining. Breakfast in your room/villa/lodge, lunch on the slopes (something small and easy), dinner out and early without changing out of your ski gear.  Most people are in their ski looks at the restaurants so it is a casual ski town feel.  By the time you get off the slopes, drop off your ski rentals, and back to your place for a quick stop if need be, it’s easier to just go straight to dinner and then do showers and everything after.  It’s easier to get into a restaurant early, miss the dinner crowd and get back before the roads are busier and parking is unattainable.  
  3. Getting around.  Walk.  It may seem long online, but there is typically a shortcut that will get you there in half the time.  Plus it is a beautiful winter wonderland!
  4. Get them all out there.  Even if it is just for an hour.  My youngest (2!) was probably the best of my kids out there.  She picked it up so fast and didn’t want to stop riding the magic carpet up and skiing down the bunny hill!

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