What to do when you don’t get sleep!

People! It is so annoying when you don’t get sleep for whatever reason! For me, my children are the larger part of my sleep woes. I’ll be all tucked in like a bug in a rug, fast asleep and then the screaming starts or someone comes in because they have a nightmare, have to pee, or need to be tucked in again (at 3am… mama doesn’t like that!). So frustrating! Everyone is always telling you to just get more sleep which is easier said than done. Since I am sooo versed in not sleeping at this point, here are my top tips on what to do when you don’t get your much needed rest.

Top tips for sleep deprived days

  1. Limit stimulants:  Sounds counterintuitive, but try not to have more than your normal amount of daily caffeine.  Caffeine (especially coffee) will pick you up for a short time and then make you crash and feel more tired than you did before.  If you can manage tea, do that as it has the powerful amino acid, theanine, to help balance the caffeine dip and keep your energy levels steady.
  2. Get outside:  No matter what the weather, getting in a quick walk and fresh air helps energize you.  Plus having exposure to natural outdoor lighting will help keep you awake as it will work with your circadian rhythms.
  3. Drink plenty of water:  Staying hydrated will help you stay awake and more full so you aren’t munching on less healthful foods all day. Tired days are also great days to drink green juice as it is very hydrating and has tons of energizing nutrients.
  4. Have raw chocolate:  Now is the time to have some yummy raw cacao nibs or powder!  Raw cacao has everything you need for energy:  magnesium to help soothe irritability, fiber to keep you full, and natural caffeine to give you a boost.  Add some powder to a smoothie and add some nibs to a trail mix or eat it alone.  Yumm!
  5. Eat lightly during the day:  Small, light meals that consist of lots of fruits, vegetables, protein, and fiber will help you feel energized…
  6. And eat a little more at night: Make sure you have a full, balanced, and satisfying meal at night (and maybe even a healthy dessert!) so that you have enough in your system for a good night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams!!

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