New Age Nicole – Finding the Recipe for Healing

Anyone else feel weighted down by the past?  Past experiences, trauma, upbringing, thoughts, etc. shape life as we know it and frankly, I am kind of sick of it.  I want to feel free of all of those things, so here starts my journey, at 41 years old.  

I have no real idea why this is all happening now.  It’s literally like 2021 hit and my brain and body said “It’s time”.  The tears have been flowing, something that I couldn’t truly allow myself to do, so that is a breakthrough in and of itself.   I have been thinking so much about my past and experiences and how they have shaped the person I am today.  Of course, some of these things shaped the resilient, badass that I consider myself (because I really do have decent self-esteem), but some of these things eat away at my normal everyday life.  

I will say that social media like Instagram was probably the catalyst for this need for healing.  A few weeks after New Years, I found myself obsessing over my content, other people’s content, followers, and overall IG growth. I needed to take a break and re-assess.  In that break came the feeling that social media in the way that I was trying to do it as an “influencer” wasn’t serving me.  My need to be authentic is much greater than my need to be “instafamous”.  And if I want to be an influencer on social media, I need to do something that truly resonates with me… and a lot of the things I am doing definitely resonate.  But I refuse to post about a perfect life that just doesn’t exist.  I am here to be real, and I need a medium that allows for that.

As I have been delving into this topic of “wellness” I have realized a few things:

  1. There is so much shit out there! How is it possible to know what to do, what works, and more importantly, what will work for me?
  2. Women in their 40s are an underserved community.  
  3. How do I do this “eat, pray, love” in the modern day when I can’t just leave for months and “find myself”?  
  4. I need a little guidance.  According to my acupuncturist (who is extraordinary), my teachers will come to me when it is time and I don’t have to go looking for anyone.  This part is difficult for me because I am not so good with the “wait and see” approach…
  5. I may do all this stuff and realize that the answer was there all along.

So that is why I have decided to move my focus and really start experimenting with different things to see what my personal recipe for healing is.  And in that, I can hopefully help other people who need some guidance too.  I’m not saying that I will have all the answers and be some healing “guru”, because I won’t.  I am just looking to heal the past so I can be as free and possible and open for the future, whatever it holds…

Stay tuned… I will be discussing more about my plans in future blog posts and YouTube episodes.

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