Avocado Toast 3-Ways

Avocado toast is a key meal/snack in our family.  My younger kids love it anytime, and I love giving it to them because it is such a healthy twist on just giving them the same boring sandwich or boring breakfast.  Here is why avocados are an excellent addition to your daily diet (yes, daily!).

  1. Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fats and fiber. Stop worrying about naturally occurring fats!  You need fat in your diet to keep you healthy and keep cell integrity.  I never eat things that have fat taken out of it, because if you are having natural sources of fat, you don’t need to worry about it!
  2. Since most of the carbs in an avocado is fiber, it makes avocados an excellent low carb food.  Great for people like my husband who chose to have a low carb lifestyle.
  3. Avocados have a ton of nutrients, including a high amount of iron (which is perfect for people like me who have chronically low iron).  I love that avocados can go salty or sweet (have you tried chocolate avocado pudding or avocado ice cream?  Oh. My. God.)
  4. Kids love it!  Mash it up, spice it up, or cut it up and my kids will eat it any way it comes.  Avocado was all of my children’s first foods and we have never looked back!

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