Date Balls – Two Ways

I have a serious sweet tooth.  Probably a sugar addiction, but that ain’t good, right??  Since I love sweets, I keep these date balls around all the time since it is naturally sweetened, delicious, and has some nutritional value.  These treats are good for after lunch, after dinner, and anytime in between.

Plantain Date Balls Recipe:

5-6 pitted and halved medjool dates* 

1 1/4 cups unsweetened plantain chips

2 tsp cinnamon**

Add all ingredients to a blender until well mixed and sticky.  Then, using a spoon, spoon out enough to roll into a ball. That’s it you’re done!  Dig in and store in the refrigerator (if there is anything left!).

Nutty Date Balls:

1 ¼ cup pitted and chopped medjool dates*

1 cup peanuts

Pulse all the ingredients in the blender until it comes together into a big ball. Then roll it into tablespoon sized balls. Store in refrigerator.


Dates are an excellent source of natural sugar because they are high in iron and potassium.


Cinnamon (and all spices) are naturally very high in antioxidants, so whenever you can, add cinnamon and other spices into your food to fight free radicals!

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