Plant Medicine Ceremony with Dreamtime Healings

As you know, I am working through different healing modalities to help me with past traumas, anxiety and depression, and basically anything that doesn’t serve me anymore.  This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to catch Helen Knight, of Dreamtime Healings while she was in town for a plant medicine ceremony. It was absolutely amazing!  I have so much to tell!

First off, Helen was nice enough to come over to my house the day before the ceremony and film an interview with me, where I asked her everything under the sun about healing, the sub-conscious, and how plant medicine can help.  We had such a great time chatting in person which made me really excited for the ceremony the next day.  After our interview, my youngest two children came outside to meet her.  That is where all the crazy shit started happening…  

Little Zozo latched onto Helen so fast, it was like they were souls reconnecting.  Zoe actually said “I feel her heart, and she feels mine”. Totally out of the blue.  And she has never said anything like that before.  It is so clear that Helen has an energy about her that draws you in.  While Helen was here and after she left, my son, JP,  (who has talked about his past lives before!), then started giving so much more detail about his past life that I have never heard.  He said his spirit guides were talking to him!  Whattttt????  All from spending 30 minutes with Helen.  Because of all of this, I knew I found the right person to guide me in subconscious healing.

That night, I had very restless sleep.  JP and Zoe (who have started sleeping well!) were up all night and so close to me in bed like they knew something was happening. I got up early, had some water and tea, gathered my things for the altar and spirit offering and set off to Firestone, where the ceremony was being held at someone’s home.  I did not know anyone except for Helen, I didn’t know where I was going, and I had no idea what to expect.  Because of this, I did feel fearful and also anxious.  Upon arrival, the group was very warm and welcoming.  We got settled into the space, set up a beautiful altar, and set our intentions for the plant medicine ceremony.  Here were my intentions (put in the present tense because that is how you manifest):

  1. I am opening up my heart to my husband, my children, and myself.
  2. I am getting clarity on my next steps, career path, and goals.
  3. I am gaining freedom from fear and anxiety.
  4. I am stepping into my power.  I have become the goddess that I am meant to be (my inner Beyonce!)

After sharing these intentions out loud, we began to drink the cacao (which is heart opening) and plant medicine.  A point on this… my spirit guides were telling me to take more of the plant medicine than I allowed myself.  I should have listened to my guides because the first hour or so was a lot of fear for me.  I started to feel out of place, like I shouldn’t be there.  I second guessed my choice.  I worried about my children.  Not until I took more of the medicine was I able to release that and just be.  And with that came the tears.  I felt like I was releasing the grief of my past.  I saw a representation of my ancestors (who I have never seen before) and I saw myself letting go of generational grief and pain.  At one point, Helen held me, talked softly, did some “toning” in my ear, and told me I needed this type of support.  I did… I really did.  And then after that major release (maybe an hour or so of crying?) , I stepped into my power.  I was able to recognize that someone in the ceremony needed what I had to give.  I found a calling in that ceremony after I had that support.  I needed to fill up so I could give again.  Giving is my natural state.  When I give, I feel the most full.  

After the ceremony winds down, the group shares a fantastic potluck and processes the ceremony for about an hour and a half.   I loved that we open and close this way.  It gives so much validity to the experience and it solidifies the intention of the process.  After hugs and a full belly, we all go off back into our lives with something more. 

To be honest, I can’t completely pinpoint what feels different, it just does.  I know that I am connecting to my divine spirit more.   I know that I am much more open to physical touch than I was before Saturday.  All in all, it was a remarkable experience.  I feel like I scratched the surface of something that I haven’t been able to touch with my current healing modalities.  I know that I want to do another plant medicine ceremony to see what comes up for me.  I feel like repeated ceremonies will just help me get deeper and deeper, which is what I am after.   I’ll keep ya’ll posted, but stay tuned for my YouTube video with Helen Knight to learn more!!

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