Spotlight on: Bavarian Alps

Why I chose it:  We love the mountains and decided to explore the Bavarian Alps (Lake Tegernsee) in October, which ended up being a great idea.  This is technically off-season (summer for the lake and winter for the skiing), which allowed us a lot of freedom to enjoy the local culture and soak in the natural beauty without fighting crowds.  

Hotel ChoiceHotel Bachmair Weissach

Why it’s great for parents:

  • Fabulous food, terrific sushi restaurant
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Picturesque perfect location
  • Only 1 hour from Munich Airport
  • Our room was one of the best family rooms I have ever stayed in.  Absolutely huge with two bedrooms on opposite sides of the space, a large modern bathroom, a small kitchenette, dining area, and a huge walk in closet (which my son slept in).  

Why it’s great for kids:  

  • Germany in general is so good at these “kinderhotels” which really cater to families in their design. 
  • Nice, clean playroom, which we were allowed to use even when it wasn’t staffed
  • Cute, modern, kiddie pool which depending on the age and skill level of the child, the parent didn’t have to go it
  • Excellent babysitter recommendations from the hotel. 

What we did:  

  • Walk the Weissach river banks which are simply gorgeous.  They are wide, flat, and easy to walk with young children.  The houses along the river are exactly what you would expect of Bavaria… perfect, picturesque tudors with smokey chimneys and smells of the holidays. 
  • Take the lift up to the top of the mountain (which runs all year long) and check out the vistas.  The lift in itself is fun for the kids!
  • Day trip into Munich:  rent a car and drive into the city to explore downtown Munich’s wonderful restaurants and beautiful parks.

To Check out:  Excellent cheese making shop nearby the hotel where at certain times, the family can watch cheese being made.  They sold excellent dairy products and had table service for snacks and wonderful German beer and of course, cheese.  

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