Women’s Retreat 2020 – AZ

Watch out!  Women congregating = great things are happening, most likely changing the world!  

I am so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life, and this group of women definitely falls in the amazing peeps category.  We had a fantastic trip to Scottsdale, AZ in which we enjoyed perfect weather, delicious food, wonderful vistas, and deep, meaningful conversation.  Everytime I am with this crew, I learn so much about them, life, and about myself. Vacationing with people that fill you up is a must in my life. Of course, I love traveling with my family also, but there is something about being able to reconnect with yourself when you only have to take care of yourself!

I try to take one to two “girls” trips a year to fill up my emotional tank.  Honestly, I am a much better mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend when I get away and have time and space to think, meditate, and be on an adult schedule!  It’s definitely not easy to coordinate all the time, but it can even be as simple as a staycation in your city or driving somewhere close by. Anything that takes you mentally away from your home life is beneficial.  Think of it as one of your basic needs and build it into your life!  

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